Lucia Pagano &

Vanja Sandell Billström

Documentary, 15 min, 2020.

Nominated for Best Swedish Short at Göteborg Film Festival.

People in motion; working, resting, playing. The sounds of planes and trains reminds us the that the city is

near this piece of created nature.

The Store

Hanna Sköld Director

Lovisa Charlier Producer 

SHUKRI is pregnant, but has to hide her growing belly in fear of being fired by ELLA - the manager of The Store – who herself is pumping breast milk for her 4 months old baby at the staff’s toilet. 

Aadin, is trying to support his daughters while he sits in the staff room all day waiting to receive a text message informing him about available work hours.

Meanwhile Maria and Linda are building a tent-camp near the store where unemployed, homeless and sick people try to manage a life, and soon the skip at the loading bridge where waste is thrown away becomes the place for encounters among the people in the camp and the employees.

Play / Ground 

Hanna Sköld Director & Producer 


Ramtin Parvaneh

Biggan Hjelt

Elvin Sköld Forsell 

Cinematographer: Imad Arafa

Editor: Patrik Forsell 

Sond: Per-Henrik Mäenpää

With a mix of claymation and live action we enter the world of Love, who’s 2 years old and struggles to get attention from his father and connect to his Granny. But Loves father has no time, to see him or to listen, since he’s totally preoccupied with trying go get grandma out of bed.

Granny's Dancing on the Table


Hanna Sköld Director

Ita Zbroniec-Zajt Cinematographer 

Produced by Helene Granqvist at Nordic Factory in coproduction with Tangram Film

World premiere at Toronto, TIFF 2015

Winzip Senses

Regi och medverkande: Reza Hazare & Vanja Sandell Billström
Kamera: Vanja Sandel Billström / Lucia Pagano
Ljudinspelning: Vanja Sandell Billström / Reza Hazare
Klipp och post-produktion: Vanja Sandell Billström
Översättning och språkgranskning: Maria Taubert och Maryam Adjam

My World in Yours 


Jenifer Malmqvist Regi 

Ita Zbroniec-Zajt Cinematographer

Produced by Emma Åkesdotter Ronge

at Anagram in coproduction with Tangram Film. 


Eini is 13 years old and grows up isolated from society in a cabin in the woods together with her controlling and abusive father. Stories about her granny and Eini’s invincible fantasy enables her to create a world within, from which she can draw her strength to survive.

Likt en brevväxling skapar Vanja Sandell Billström och Reza Hazare en gemensam betraktelse med utgångspunkt i frågor om privilegium, ansvar och hur både minnen och kroppar deformeras av att leva under press, som en följd av stress och flykt.

A film about getting close but never coming home.

Shams and Stella are in love. Shams hasn’t told Stella that she seeks asylum, nor about Hanine who’s still in Palestine waiting for Shams to help her come to Sweden. Stella works at the Migration office. When Shams has her interview with Swedish Migration Board, Stella shows up as the assistant judge. Shams has to tell the truth to get asylum.

Lady Crush 


Hanna Sköld Director 

Andrea Kåberg Cinematographer

Produced by Helene Granqvist at Nordic Factory in Coproduction with Tangram Film

Tantlängtan är en absurd romantisk saga om identitet, visdom och kärlek. En originell blandning av leranimation och skådespeleri. De animerade partierna gestaltar karaktärernas inre världar som de uppsöker och tar hjälp av för att hantera den yttre världen, som de känner sig främmande i.



Hanna Sköld Director

Ragna Jorming Cinematographer

Produced By Sofie Palage at Primodrom in Coproduction with Tangram Film

Hilma is the story of a young girl who speak with sign-language. She is not really connecting to the other yougsters when she move to a new house with her parents, but when she see a young person she likes, she start to use and old taperecorder to collect sounds. 

But what really ends up on the taperecorder might not be what she thinks. 

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